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Manufacturing Custom Insulating Products Since 1981

Custom Designed Industrial Insulation Products.

The Roc-Co Company has been producing quality custom designed insulating blankets for over three decades.  Industrial insulating blankets, large or small, are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.  Anywhere that reducing energy costs, maintaining critical process temperatures, shielding materials or employees, or conserving energy are key issues our insulating blankets are the solution.


Lowering Costs By Conserving Energy

Hot or Cold, our custom fit insulating blankets maintain temperatures and save energy costs for any production process.  Manufacturing machinery and molds, process piping installations, all types of equipment indoors or out, and employee interfaces can all take advantage of consistent temperatures,  protection, reduced cost, and lower energy consumption. The quick return on investment allows you to realize the benefits of safety, consistency in the process and better end product immediately while enjoying long term savings and helping the bottom line.


Your process, Your machinery, Your Equipment, Your Facility

Whatever your specific application is our custom designed and manufactured insulating products are the solution.  Our custom blankets are removable and replaceable making them the perfect choice for applications needing insulation while still allowing for easy access for maintenance or adjustment.  Access panels are designed in where necessary.  Removability and  replacement save time and money while maintaining the critical function of temperature control.  Allow our design team to create a custom solution for perfect fit and function.

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Contact us with your project goals and we can discuss a solution to meet your specific needs and applications. Our custom design and manufacturing process guarantees the right product and the right fit for your application.

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Our product line is as vast as our customer list.  Each customer deserves the time and quality service that custom products demand.  Your application is our newest product and we will make the process of securing just what you need quick, easy and painless as our helpful staff will work with you every step along the way.  Contact us today to take the first step to your solution and your savings.

Call 330-376-1919 or, email info@roc-co.com